Your Satin Bonnet Is Sabotaging Your Natural Hair Growth - This is Why:

Would you believe that satin bonnet you are wearing right now is actually sabotaging your hair growth efforts? Oh! You didn't know? Okay, wait a minute. Let me explain...

We have all been taught about the good benefits of wearing a satin sleep cap to bed and how important it is for growing your natural or relaxed hair. However, if you are wearing the WRONG bonnet, then your hair growth efforts are definitely a waste of time. 

Protecting the hair at night allows the hair to retain moisture better compared to sleeping on a cotton pillowcase.

Here are some things to consider when you go shopping for that perfect bonnet that actually gives you a healthy, hydrated hair with maximum protection:

  1. Quality of Satin Material- you should make sure you are sourcing the best satin possible. The bonnet should be smooth and super silky to the touch, both inside and outside the bonnet. Every inch of the bonnet should include satin lining.
  2. Edge Quality- pay good attention to the material used on the edge section, it SHOULD be the same quality of satin material used on the rest of the bonnet. Cotton and rubber bands on the edges are a NO NO! They are detrimental to your hair and should be totally avoided. 
  3. Unnecessary Pieces- a bonnet should contain satin material and satin material ONLY! Any other unnecessary attachments like plastic and metal clips can snag your hair while you sleep and ruin that beautiful natural hair you so much cherish over time. 
  4. Layers Of Satin- HEAR THIS! The more satin material, the better! Double lined bonnets adds an extra layer of protection and locks in maximum moisture at night. You should always wake up to a luscious, hydrated hair - Yes, you totally deserve it. 
  5. Durability- a bonnet should be like a long term investment, like that Big Old Clock in the hallway that never goes bad. It should be able to withstand regular washing and have quality stitching to last a few years with gentle use.
  6. Stays On Head- isn't it annoying to wake up and your bonnet is nowhere to be found? A good bonnet should protect the hair the ENTIRE night. It also shouldn't ride up and expose your edges! What would be the point of buying a bonnet that isn't reliable the entire night?

Do you now believe that that bonnet on your head is limiting your hair growth efforts and all your hair goals??? 

Ditch that low-quality hair bonnet and get on an Elite Satin Bonnet from Humble Glow. 

Our Elite Satin Bonnets are made specially to be that Perfect Bonnet for you and your natural hair. Problems from low-quality bonnets will no longer be an issue for YOU! 

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  • I’ve worn my standard sz bonnet 3 nights now. I really love it! I must agree with the other comments. It’s soft, and an ALL NIGHTER! Thanks, H.G.

  • Hi there,

    Was really dissapointed with your selection, do you stock the Jumbo in camo print?

    Please my husband has a fetish that needs to be fulfilled.


    Jacqueline Adams
  • I noticed a few weeks ago that the nape of my 3c curly hair was turning into a different texture. The edges are frizzy and more like 4c hair. This morning, I noticed my bangs were shorter and the rest of my hair is shorter, dryer, and hard. All of my pillowcases are satin and I thought I was ordering satin bonnets, too. Surprise, the bonnets I had (tossed this a.m.) were inferior material and rubbing my hair. I order two of yours this morning, thanks to my discovery and a youtube video from NaturalRaeRae. Thanks to you both, I’ll have my shiny, bouncy curls back very soon!

    lINDA lOVE
  • All i can say is thank you..second bonnet…i lost the first one..i dare couldn’t go to my local hair store to get a bonnet. Yes humble glow may cost more but i tell you its definitely worth every coin..its perfect cant wait to received my 2nd bonnet this time i wont loose it

    Kimyette burrs
  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


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