Washing Your Natural Hair Daily Is Bad - A Shower Cap Will Help

Have you heard the rule, "you shouldn't wash your natural hair daily", but never understood why? Well, before you hop in the shower, make sure your hair is protected with a shower cap for added benefits.

Read on to learn why daily washing isn't recommended for women with afro textured hair and how wearing a shower cap can save your hair.

1. Dry Frizzy Hair

The process of shampooing the hair can be very harsh on the hair since it raises the hair cuticle. This leads to hair that feels dry, brittle and frizzy.

Afro-kinky hair is naturally dry and has a difficult time distributing it's own oils along the hair shaft due to it's bended texture.

It is best to limit your wash days to 1-2 times per week to retain moisture and prevent your hair from becoming too dry.

On the days you don't wash your hair; covering your natural hair with a shower cap will prevent water from ruining the bomb 'twist-out' or 'wash'n go', you've worked so hard to achieve.

It will also protect your hair from getting any unwanted soap suds on it, which would ruin your hairstyle from trying to rinse them off, or cause your hair to dry due to leaving the soap suds.


2. Throws Away Hours Of Hairstyling

We all know styling your natural hair can take some time, so why would you want to lose this amount of time on your natural hair daily.

All of the extra time and effort spent on your hair can be used on other important matters in your life.

You can spend your time on other activities at home and reduce the amount of time it takes you to get ready to head out the door.

Since washing your hair usually means you have style it again after it dries, this also causes over manipulation which eventually leads to more chances for breakage.

Our hair is never as simple as 'wash-n-go'. A wash day also means styling is on the must-do list.

 3. Sets Off Sebum Production

Your natural hair oil, which is also known as sebum; plays an important role in keeping your scalp healthy and your hair moisturized.

Washing away this protective barrier on your scalp also removes it's natural lubricant to keep it moisturized.

When you repeatedly wash away sebum, it's production levels are greatly affected, which leads to negative issues.

4. Disrupts The Scalp's Microbes

The scalp produces good and bad bacteria. When you constantly wash away the good bacteria, you lower your scalps defense levels against bad microbes.

The scalp needs a good balance to keep it from developing inflammations and other unhealthy conditions such as dandruff, psoriasis, and other unhealthy scalp conditions.

Avoid daily washing to keep your hair and scalp in a balanced and healthy condition.

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